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"Required breakfast reading is the latest issue of Hampstead’s revered satirical rag, the Hampstead Village Voice..."      

   -  The New York Times   26.09.2013

HVV001 Cover 

The first front page published in 2007


Edition 21 Will Be Published

on Thursday 15.01.15 and there

are going to be some changes

around here...


1. A New Cover Price: £1.00 

As of January 2015, the Hampstead Village Voice will cost you a mere £1.00 / €1.26 / $4m. 

Better still, to help encourage Hampstead's small-shop-economy, all outlets will now keep the entire cover price for themselves -Ed. I dare say the Ministry of Plenty will have a thing or two to say about that.

Henceforth, the magazine will be funded purely from advertising and mysterious private benefactors with fluffy white cats and underground swimming pools filled with man-eating piranha fish. 


Mag One 

2. Increased Circulation: 10k 

From 2015, the Hampstead Village Voice's circulation will be a rather splendiferous 10,000 copies. Although still reporting exclusively on matters Hampstonian, the HVV will also be available in our splendid satellite state of Saff End Green and such exotic foreign lands as Belsize Parkistan, the Soviet Gulag of Whampers, Al-HighQuaida, Primrosia, the Afghan-Irish Republik of Kilburn and the Union of Soviet Scamden Republics - Ed. Scamden? Splitters!


HVV Dist 2015 Good 


3. New Doorstep Distribution

After local shops have been given a chance to make some well needed spondulix, some 8,000 magazines will be distributed throughout the Metropolitan Borough of Hampstead, i.e. Hampstead Garden Suburb, West Hampstead, South End Green, Belsize Park and Swiss Cottage, via doorstep distribution. Doors with "No Junkmail" and the gnashing of frothing Rotweiler's teeth behind their letterboxes will be evaded. 


4. A Slightly Crappy Online 


And for all those ex-pat Hampstonians and tablet junkies, we are introducing an online edition to be released a month after 'proper' publication, so that no one - not even the bosses at Scamden Council, the CEO of Tesco-Stressco or the Prime Minister of Airstrip One - need be deprived of Hampstonia's favourite local, satirical magazine. 

WARNING: this online version is purposfully crap to encourage readers to spend a whole pound on the real thing. Save your local newsagent!


HVV20 FINAL Front 1


Edition 20 is ONLINE NOW

Although edition 20 of the Hampstead Village Voice may have SOLD OUT in most stores, you can still read it online via your tablet or desktop computer by clicking ONLINE EDITION


Where to Buy Edition 21  

To read edition 21 whilst it's still fresh and crispy, you'll need to pop into any newsagent, bookshop or other local outlet and spend an entire £1 from the 15th of January 2015. For this you'll receive 40 pages of sheer, glossy, enlightening joy. 

   Or, if you're a a bit of a cheapskate, which you probably are, you can sit at home and pray the doorstep edition finds its way through your letterbox around in February of 2015. 


Toodle pip and Viva Hampstonia!

Emmanuel 'Mustafa' Goldstein esq. 

Editor and sworn adversary of Big Brother (Both the Orwellian one and the TV show).


Terms & Conditions do not apply. Don't consult your pharmacist or visit Tesco unless utterly necessary.


CONTACT: info@hampsteadvillagevoice.com

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