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Edition 20 of the Hampstead Village Voice is [still] OUT NOW!

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 "Required breakfast reading is the latest issue of Hampstead’s revered satirical rag, The Hampstead Village Voice."      

 -  The New York Times   (26/09/2013)  


What's in edition 20?

HVV20 Intestines 


The High Street Spy has a special report on dubious and unwanted sales practices on Hampstead High Street by a most un-Hampstead like outlet; there's an amusing, blow by blow account of Scamden Planning's questionable behaviour at the New End nurses' home development hearing; a special report by David Lewis on that dam pond situation; Red Szell considers the torturous side-effects of über-development; there's a centre-page spread on the new Hampstead Neighbourhood Forum. Meanwhile, Hampstonia opens a new embassy and consulate in Whampstead; there's a new Tescoholics Anonymous, 12 Step Program for those in need of it and Klaus von Kunst completely ignores Hampstead's art scene. Bernardo Stella writes a very personal obitury for his old friend, Peter O'Toole and has his latest play reviewed (Ed. No, not Peter's, Bernardo's - obviously). Local musicians, Lisa Stansfield and Mike McEvoy's albums are reviewed. There's an extended Pub Watch featuring The Stag, Ye Olde White Bear and The Horse & Groom and our favourite not so local paper get's a minor roasting on a page called simply Ham Eggs


Where to buy...

To read Edition 20 do pop into one of the local outlets listed below and spend a whole £2 for 40 pages of sheer, glossy, enlightening joy. Or, if you're a a bit hard up, try and cadge one from a Hampstead business (see map below) when edition 21's in the shops in June 2014. 


Mag One 


Mag One 68 Rosslyn Hill, London NW3 1ND Tel: 020 7794 1455

Mistry of Hampstead365 West End Lane, NW6 1LP Tel: 020 7435 9246

Village News 14 Heath Street, NW3 6TE Tel: 020 7794 5212

New End Mini Market Carnegie House, New End NW3 1JE Tel: 020 7435 8845

Hampstead Underground Station Kiosks 1 and 2, Hampstead Village, NW3.

Waterstone's 68-69 Hampstead High Street, NW3 1QP Tel: 020 7794 1098

La Gaffe 107-111 Heath Street, NW3 6SS Tel: 020 7435 8965

Simply Scrumptious Café 9 Flask Walk, NW3 Tel: 020 7435 8473

Thornton's Budgens  199-205 Haverstock Hill, NW3 4QG Tel: 020 7794 0163

Late Nite Extra  56 Belsize Lane, NW3 5AR Tel: 020 7794 8077

The Late Late Shop  60 Belsize Lane, NW3 5AR Tel: 020 7794 1539 

Heath News 41 South End Road NW3 2PY Tel: 020 7433 8500

M&M Newsagent 1 Elm Terrace NW3 2LL Tel: 020 7485 5356 

MK Patel 90 Fleet Road NW3 2QX Tel: 020 7485 1336

Londis  59 South End Road NW3 2QB Tel: 020 7435  1424 

Belsize Park Tube Station Kiosk  Haverstock Hill, Belsize Park, London, NW3.



But why on earth are you wasting your time reading this on-line tosh when you could be out reading some real paper tosh in the Hampstead Village Voice itself? So off you pop to your local newsagent and get yourself a copy tut-suit.

Toodle pip and Viva Hampstonia!

Emmanuel "Mustafa" Goldstein x

Editor in Exile and Enemy of Big Brother.


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